Small Kitchen

Creating a Dining Area in a Small Kitchen

This makes me think of the song, ‘You will always find me in the kitchen at parties!’ exclaims food writer and radio personality Errieda du Toit, who is also public relations officer for Decorex. ‘I must admit that I am not a fan of countertop eating as I’m quite short and don’t find it as pleasant as sitting with my feet firmly under a table,’ she says.

Nevertheless, a having couple of bar stools, as well as small kitchen table ideas, are very handy to have in the kitchen for impromptu and casual snacks or meals. If a table appeals to you, think temporary, nomadic, and mobile – go for a four-seater and have wheels attached so that you can move it around. Adapt your entertaining style to your kitchen dining area – keep it light and simple and bistro-style: serve one-pot dishes or tagines so that guests can help themselves at the counter or even from the stove. Serve a minimum of side dishes, which you can place on the table in small bowls. A great way to save space is to use a three-tier cake stand for rolls, condiments, and sauces. Do away with large centerpieces, but do decorate your kitchen counters and shelves with flower arrangements and candles – and decorate the table with sprigs of flowers or herbs or rose petals.


Use a movable screen or room divider to make the kitchen dining area more intimate – this is also a great way to hide the sink, bin, and piled-up dirty dishes. Or get really creative and install a panel or blind that extends from the ceiling and which can be rolled up or down as needed. And if you add a couple of hooks to the ceiling you can use a sheet or large tablecloth as a divider to create a ‘Bedouin’ tent.

How Can I Add Charm To My Cluttered Kitchen?

Hermi King of Hi Interiors confesses to being a hoarder and says that what she loves about her cluttered kitchen is that it feels like a display cabinet, unlike modern kitchens where everything is hidden behind seamless doors. ‘I think glasses and some kitchenware items are really beautiful… colored glasses are like jewels,’ she says. However, there’s a fine line between a charming, cluttered kitchen and one that’s just plain messy. The golden rule is not to clutter up work surfaces and countertops. Keep the displays here to a minimum and make sure that they’re practical: flour and pasta canisters will suit the space. Be ruthless: pack away items that you don’t use very often and that have no aesthetic appeal and keep nicknacks to a minimum. If there are any bare walls, build shelving or cabinets to create extra storage space. And be creative, like this homeowner, who has hung her collection of colanders on the doors.

Where Is The Best Place In The Kitchen To Put A Rubbish Bin?

This is a personal choice and depends on the size of your kitchen and your needs. If you can’t hide the bin in a cupboard, spend a bit extra on an attractive one. If you’re building or renovating, think about building the bin into the work surface. But do also consider recycling for which you’ll need more than one bin – invest in smaller, brightly colored bins for paper, plastic, and glass and store them in a cupboard, the pantry or the garage.

How Can I Give My Kitchen A New Look Without Going To Great Expense?

Look around the house for items that you really like and that you can incorporate into the small kitchen dining room ideas. Bring unusual décor elements together: bright and bold dishcloths, a plant, a modern chair placed among the old ones or a distressed wooden cupboard. Bring in and display items with character and store items you’re not particularly fond of in a cupboard. Other affordable changes include painting the walls, sanding or painting cupboards, or introducing new lighting. The owner of this kitchen wanted an industrial look and the tiles, which originally took up half the wall, had to be removed. The exposed brick wall was painted with cement wash and the floor tiles were removed to expose the original red polished cement floor so that it could be repainted – but the result was so striking that the owners decided to leave it as it was. The floor has an authentic pattern that is reminiscent of a barn floor. Industrial kitchen tables and steel shelves were added and the original steel kitchen cupboard was painted silver. A grocery cupboard inherited from granny was added for warmth and, combined with the industrial furniture, adds loads of character. A Persian rug was placed on the kitchen floor – an unconventional but infinitely stylish touch.

Most Townhouses Look The Same And Have Very Little CharacterHow Can I Add Some Personality?

When you buy a townhouse or apartment off-plan you have the option to choose finishes for your unit. If what’s on offer doesn’t appeal, it’s the perfect opportunity to put your personal stamp on your future home. Rather pay a bit more and choose finishes that fit in with your style and personality as you may never get the chance to do so again. If you’re unsure what to choose, collect ideas from magazines – this is the easiest way to get inspiration and visualize a look. And remember, your developer doesn’t have better taste than you as finishes are usually chosen for mass appeal and are therefore quite basic and uninspiring. One of the simplest ways to inject your personal style into an off-plan kitchen is to be uniform. First, decide on your style – do you want a classic, modern or elegant style? Then add the accessories in the style of your choice, be it dishcloths, hooks, electrical appliances, mugs or a drying rack. And then carry that through to your bathrooms, bedrooms and living room.

I Am Renovating My KitchenWhat Is The Best Flooring Option?

Kitchen floors should be easy to clean, non-slip, and soft enough so that breakables can withstand a fall, according to “How to Decorate”, published by Hamlyn.

Wood fulfills this criterion perfectly and always looks good, even though the price tag can be a bit hefty. Existing wood floors in good condition can be resealed or new planks can be laid over old or damaged ones. Even though laminated floors are popular for the kitchen, you need to take extra care not to get them wet as this may cause damage.

Vinyl and linoleum are both soft but vinyl is a lot cheaper. Linoleum is strong and elastic and made of natural products, including cork and linseed oil – in fact, it just gets stronger over the years and comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Tiles are still the most popular choice for the kitchen as they are durable, water, chemical, and fire-resistant, and very low maintenance.

Cement screed floors are also popular throughout the whole house. Whatever you decide, remember that for insurance purposes and to create the illusion of space, it’s better to stick to the same type of flooring throughout the house.