Creative Kitchen Looks Like This

Many of us think that the bedroom is generally the first room in the home to be updated with a cool olee 13-inch hybrid, modern bed, and durable bed frame, etc. But first, the kitchen is the room we should pay special attention to. And that makes sense, as it’ll certainly add to the value to your home. Keen to redo your kitchen? You’ll find inspiration in any of these. 

Eco Inspiration 

The obvious place to take your first steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle is in the kitchen, where you can start by stocking up on organic foods and recycling waste. You can also reduce your carbon footprint with the materials and equipment you use. Bamboo has become a popular wood for cupboards, countertops, and floors because the plant matures in four years and the wood is harder and stronger than most traditionally used trees, which take decades to mature. And a gas stove is also a natural alternative to electricity. Remember, eco-friendly doesn’t have to be unsightly – this contemporary kitchen boasts a minimalist yet classic design. 

A Riot of Red 

Forget just a dash – why not go completely, beautifully red? This thoroughly modern kitchen with its simple, straight lines and central island, has natural oak finishes. The kitchen also has an InSinkErator waste disposal unit that makes light work of kitchen refuse – and it can also be retrofitted (about R2 730 at plumbing retailers). 

Concrete with Class 

Concrete has been a kitchen favorite for some time now. Here, an industrial appearance has been created with the plastered walls, unfinished bricks, and factory lighting, and the effect is softened with a dash of boerekitsch in the retro furniture and appliances. Creating this concrete kitchen was easy: brick walls were topped with concrete slabs and then plastered, painted, and sealed. The open shelves are also a striking focal point, allowing for stunning groupings of displays. 

A Touch of Rural France 

Do you dream of a French country kitchen? It’s a classic theme that adds warmth to the home. This kitchen is typical of Rosalfurn’s French-Provencal designs, with handmade and hand-painted freestanding cupboards and counters. The units can be fitted or you can install them yourself, and they can also be combined with a continuous, seamless worktop. The advantage of freestanding units is that you can buy them in stages, as your budget allows. And do consider a large center island that doubles as a kitchen table… 

The Eclectic Kitchen 

A heady mix of modern and traditional, combined with a large French cupboard that adds elegant character and softer touch to the kitchen – it’s also a great storage solution for extra crockery and kitchen appliances. The modern built-in cupboards have deep shelves- perfect for storing large items – with colored glass paneling that adds a dash of color. PLUS 

Contemporary Elegance 

Contemporary kitchens needn’t be clinical. Use wood and granite, along with neutral wall colors, to add warmth. The chandelier and splashback of glass mosaic tiles add a touch of elegance. The kitchen is practical and reinforces the home’s open-plan concept, while the island subtly divides the working and eating areas 

Reclaimed Wonder 

If your kitchen’s dated look is driving you up the wall but you can’t afford a new one, don’t despair – give it a makeover. In this kitchen, the existing cupboards and appliances were retained while the cupboard frames were painted a high-gloss white and fitted with sliding doors of colored Perspex to create a modern retro look. The burglar bars from another room were adapted to fit the kitchen. The kitchen now has a distinctly retro appearance, though it also contains industrial and shabby chic elements – and the fusion of textures, finishes, and style is simply delightful. 

Coastal Comfort 

The country feel is ideal for this beach house kitchen and the informal, laidback mood is echoed in layout, with all the cupboards being freestanding. The kitchen itself is fairly small (2 x 4.5m), but it gains a sense of space by being linked to the living room, dining area, courtyard, and pantry. 

Contemporary Elegance 

Thanks to its classic, traditional design, a kitchen can have a timeless feel. It won’t date in a hurry and the layout will always be fashionable. The versatile island can be used as a breakfast counter or for food preparation. The perfect sequence of functions, the height of the appliances, and the ideal height of the work surface all ensure hassle-free efficiency. The island’s red panel can add a bright splash and perfectly complements the grey steel. 

Rural Inspiration 

The farmhouse look is timeless and brings to mind fresh farm produce being prepared for unforgettable meals. These kitchens are usually spacious with generous windows and lovely views – and nothing stops you from recreating the farmhouse look in the urban jungle. 

Instant Kitchen 

Forget about ripping out cupboards, tearing down tiles, and clouds of dust – get a kitchen that’s ready to use in just hours. This kitchen consists of stainless steel shelves and work surfaces; simply order the units in the required sizes and, once they’re delivered, just stand them in place. There’s no hassle of mounting cupboards against crooked walls. For a fresh, café-like feel, add ice-cream pastels such as pink and green.