Does Wine Freeze

Does Wine Freeze? How Extreme Temperatures Affect Wine

Once you have a big party or a family dinner, and a few opened bottles of wine are left, you might get confused about can you freeze wine? Or you were willing to chill your wine fast and forgot to remove a bottle from the freezer. Should we drink frozen wine, or would it be better to throw it away? Keep reading to find out in the article. Don’t miss your chance to find the most delicate wine options for the best prices in the online wine shop.

What temperature does wine freeze?

If you ask can wine freeze, you are in the right place. The truth is that wine freezes at 15 °F, even though the freezing point depends on the alcohol content in the wine. The higher the alcohol percentage in wine, the lower the freezing point, and vice versa. So, does wine freeze in the freezer? Six hours is the average time for a standard 750 ml bottle of wine to freeze in a kitchen freezer. The temperature in the freezer is usually 0 °F, which is why wines freeze faster using this method.

Is it a good idea to freeze wine?

Although you can thaw a bottle of wine, pour a glass, and enjoy the beverage, keep in mind that freezing wine intentionally isn’t the way. Low temperatures can influence the wine condition and taste properties. Since wine tends to expand when chilling, you risk encountering a pushed out cork or a smashed bottle in your freezer. 

Moreover, exposure to the wine to oxidation can turn it into vinegar very soon, especially when a cork is pushed out, or an airtight seal is broken in the freezer. You might be surprised that the wine flavor can be distorted due to its freezing. The reason is that wine doesn’t prefer significant changes in temperatures. Please don’t fall for freezing sparkling wines – the bottles tend to become dissoluble.

How to use frozen wine?

Fortunately, we are glad to share with you some options to use chilled or frozen wine instead of drinking it. Wine is ideal for adding to meat or fish marinades and cooking sauces, soups, and gravies. You will definitely enjoy your dishes’ enhanced scent and taste with added several tablespoons of wine. By the way, if your wine adopts vinegar aroma in a kitchen freezer due to oxidation, don’t hurry up to throw it away. You can make delicious wine vinegar and use it in multiple salad dressings and marinades!

If you are in a fancy mood, make some threats with frozen wine for a perfect summer party with your friends. Mix chilled wine and berries in the blender to get delicious wine slushies. For everyone who loves Spanish cuisine, Sangria is the best option. Use some brandy, frozen wine, orange juice, and sugar, combine the ingredients, and enjoy the tasty summer drink!