Indo-Fusion Look

Get The Indo-Fusion Look at Your House

What is Indo-fusion?

The key word here is fusion – the combination of various styles, elements, and influences.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, where 415 languages are actively spoken, it comes as no surprise that this melting pot of cultures, traditions, and religions has given birth to a wealth of style that cannot be pinpointed.

The country boasts strong Persian, Arabian, Turkish and British influences, further enhanced by India’s mix of food, music, fashion and, of course, decor.

If you faced with psychophysiological insomnia symptoms, try to have more rest, go to bed and wake up at the same time and even change the atmosphere a home. You can add a touch of Indo-fusion to your space by simply hanging a traditional embroidered or embellished sari or modern Bollywood portrait against a wall – both are different but still striking.

The key understanding to interpret this style into your home is that – there are no hard and fast rules. Use as much or as little of this style as you want and choose elements that reflect your personality.

1. A Clear Base

The simplicity of this white room affords each element the opportunity to stand out and shine. The clean background lets the colorful elements and various textures take center stage. Display ornaments, cushions, kelims, and other decor accessories to your heart’s content.

2. Fabulous Floors

Keep the floors simple and plain – but chic. Go for natural flooring options such as stone and wood and add splashes of color with rich, textured kelims.

3. Colorful Appeal

The textile industry has long been one of India’s most popular and distinctive characteristics, with local artists taking the world by storm with their unique weaving technique and use of color and fabric.

Fiery reds, warm oranges, and pink, along with accents of gold, silver, wood with metal finishes brightens up a room, while cooler shades such as green and blue also have its place on the Indo-fusion palette.

4. Mix and Match

India has a rich history of global influences and often, a variety of styles can be seen in one space. In the photograph above, traditional items such as earthy kelims and a coffee table are paired with a retro sofa and easy chair. The picture is beautifully completed with authentic Indian decorative scatter cushions, colorful pictures, and trinkets.

5. Collective Display

Grouping is a signature style of Indian interior decorating. The idea is to savor what you are seeing by standing still and really looking at the display and possibly let your thoughts drift to special memories. Sentimental elements such as family photographs, candles, souvenirs from your travels, as well as flea market finds, can be brought together for the ideal showpiece.

6. Bright Finishes

Breathtaking fabric – and the creative use thereof – play an important role in Indian decor. Don’t even consider readymade, store-bought curtains; instead, drape beautiful fabric over furniture, and even use it to dress your windows. Add some brightly colored scatter cushions for a playful touch in the room. Browse through your local oriental plaza for a piece of fabric for that special place in your room.


Even though this bathroom is compact, it’s still a suitable relaxation station. Use Indian-inspired cloth instead of doors on cupboards. You will be able to find similar fabric at your local oriental plaza. The taps and washbasin are from a demolished hospital, lending a bit of old-fashioned charm to space.


A natural passion for Indian elements as well as flair to mix and match – haphazardly or in an organized manner – shows off your individuality.

A rug on a floor injects some color into the kitchen while showing off pretty items – such as Indian tea glasses – is more than enough to add some character to a mundane shelf. Always keep in mind that there are no hard rules and you should always have fun with your interiors.

The Bedroom

The mixture of old and new adds interest and makes this bedroom captivating.

An exquisite colorful quilt adds an extravagant touch to the leather sleigh bed. Family photographs and various decor gems make an arty focal point against the wall. The textures and elements create an intimate atmosphere, which is exactly what you want in the bedroom.