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Shipping Your Car vs. Using a Driver Service: Which is Better?

Delivering your new car through all the states of America can be very frustrating. After all, it will be necessary to think about so many things. But before transporting a car, you need to decide which way to do it – to entrust the driving to someone else or to do it yourself, right?

If you are not exceptionally versed in the topic, you may immediately be 100 percent sure that only your mind and hands are the most reliable. And besides, they are free, which is very important!

But you cannot approach the problem so one-sided. That is why our experts examined the comparison of shipping a car vs driving from different points of view, taking into account all the pros and cons of the two approaches. There are a few options:

 1) Driving a car by yourself

In films, such long journeys are glorified in every possible way. We do not argue that traveling from state to state in the United States is quite pleasant since everywhere you will be accompanied by good comfortable roads, motels, and cafes. However, if your trip takes more than a few days, then on the way, you will hate yourself for this idea.

The former will be much more uncomfortable to evaluate when comparing driving vs shipping car, especially if you decide to travel with children.

What are the disadvantages of such a solution:

  • You can spend even more if you hire a professional

 In terms of financial costs, both shipping car vs driving options will be about the same. The fact is that the first impression about the cheapness of driving your car is shattered like the Titanic on an iceberg because the final cost of the entire trip includes money spent on gas, food, and motels. If we add to them the car’s maintenance, then the amount, in general, may be even more than for the services of the carrier company.

  • You will be very nervous

Traveling such a long stretch of the road is not a test for the faint of heart. You will worry while standing in a traffic jam, eating another donut in the car, holding the steering wheel with one hand, you will get tired of music, your back and buttocks will hurt.

2) Shipping your car by a professional driver. 

This solution has its advantages. Let’s take a closer look at why you should or shouldn’t choose delivery:

  • Huge selection of drivers to your liking

You may come across both student drivers and people with vast experience in this field. If you contact a specialized company, then its employees will consider all your requirements and ensure the safety of your trip.

  • Fewer nerves

It is worth repeating once again that if you choose a good driver, you will keep your unfortunate nerve cells intact, which are already running out of time day after day.

  • Insurance in case of damage

If you contact a shipping company, then you can count on decent compensation in adverse circumstances.

  • Ability to deliver not only a car but also personal belongings

Of course, if we are not talking about documents or something essential, such as clothes.

  • As fast as a flash

Drivers don’t usually stop during the trip, so they’ll be there faster.

 Good luck and safety on the road!