What Is The Effect Of Mixing Weed And Shroom Edibles?

Since cannabis has long been legalized in the United States, and psilocybin shroom edibles are in the process of decriminalization, many lovers of natural treatments and natural ways of expanding consciousness have a question about whether they can be mixed.
Well, let’s try to figure out how two magical plants interact with each other.

Researchers and experienced consumers unanimously argue that when weed and shrooms are combined, psilocybin’s potency is enhanced.
This is especially true for color spots, moving pictures, and fractals, in a word, all visual effects.

If the usual reception of magic mushrooms can be compared to flipping through a bright magazine, then shrooms with weed give the effect of a continuous and very fast slideshow. This is a certain danger, according to doctors, since not everyone can normally perceive such an increased effect on the psyche. Some who have experienced this experience describe it as quite frightening. Others argue that the intensity of the visuals made them feel dizzy.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that marijuana does an excellent job of eliminating the lump in the throat and nausea caused by psilocybin intoxication or the foul taste of mushrooms. In this regard, experts use shrooms and weed almost simultaneously, with a difference of less than half an hour. The fact is that after this time, psilocybin in the stomach will have time to transform into the active substance psilocin and begin to act, and in this case, cannabinoids can cause anxiety in users.

Although it is clear that in the comparison of shrooms vs weed, it is magic mushrooms that cause long-lasting effects, if you combine these plants, the trip will last even longer. To achieve this response, you can try adding herbal to the trip 6 hours after taking psilocybin. However, remember that these effects are individual. On the contrary, marijuana puts some people to sleep rather than wakes them up.

The ideal mixing weed and shrooms ratio, according to many, is 0.1-0.3 magic mushrooms and your usual cannabis dose. This way you will get energy and brightness from psilocybin, and marijuana will give you emotional lightness and lack of fighting sensations. Do not forget that mushrooms are for the soul, and the grass is for the body.

Many are worried about the question: is this combination dangerous?

To begin with, it is worth making a reservation that in a large dosage, anything can be poison. We will not convince you that shrooms are safer than weed, as it does not match. Still, detailed cases were recorded from mushroom poisoning, but not a single one from cannabis. However, psilocybin is less likely than all other types of psychedelics to force people to go to the hospital.
Good news for you: the weed and shroom mix is ​​non-toxic and won’t end in disaster.

We hope that you will take into account the information from our article and experiment carefully. Bright trips!
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