Templar Knights

When were the Templar Knights formed?

The Templar Knights was a great military organization on behalf of Christianity in the Middle Age. Their mission was to accompany European pilgrims on a road to the Holy Land. Still, the lifestyle and culture of Templars are covered with mystery and secrets that are a point of interest of many researchers. Go for a Knights Templar ring to get a nice symbolic amulet, and adopt a strong spirit of this order. With that saying, let`s discover what year were the Knights Templar formed.

 A purpose of Templars` formation

Well, why were the Templar Knights formed? First, their original purpose was to protect travelers from Europe on their journey across the Muslim`s controlled lands. Templars were the fighters of the Crusader states in the Holy Land. Additionally, their reputation fell on the skilled, strong, and courageous warriors who performed some military operations as well.

History of the Templar Knights at a glance

During the Crusades, in 1099, the Christian armies won back Jerusalem from the Muslims and started to control the Holy Land. Then, thousands of European decided to travel across the Holy Land, but they were killed or robbed during a trip across the territories that were under the control of Muslims. In a few decades, in 1119, a French knight from the Champagne region known as Hugues de Payens dared to create a military order called the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, later named as the Knights Templar. The Orders` members swore to protect the Christian pilgrims from Europe throughout their dangerous way to Holy Land. The Temple Mount became home to Templars thanks to a ruler of Jerusalem Baldwin II.

As it turns out, the Templar Knights were criticized by certain heads of religions. However, in 1139, Pope Innocent wrote a Papal Bull that gifted Templar’s dismissal from paying taxes as well as the right to belong only to Pope`s authority. An order becomes privileged.

The Muslims armies captured Jerusalem again in the 12th century changing the way of Crusades. The Templar Knights started to lose their control from that time being straight to the Fall of Acre in 1291 that meant a loss of the last shelter for the Order. Then, the Knights moved to Paris where their military base was founded. A French King Philip IV decided to broke the Templar Knights, and on October 13th in 1307 issued an order to arrest the Templars. This day went down in history as the greatest crime since the Knights Templar were exposed to horrible tortures because of the fake confessions, like worship of the devil or homosexuality, that honestly was a lie.

What king formed Knights Templar?

Essentially, the Order of Templars wasn`t formed by a king, but by a French knight. Besides, it is worth mentioning that the King of Jerusalem Baldwin II greatly supported the Knights Templar, he has even gifted to them the sacred place Temple Mount for creating headquarters for the Order.